Abdul Majid Abdullah

Abdul Majid Abdullah

Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Saudi singer, born in 1963 in the village Aarida of Jizan region, then he moved with his family to the area of Jeddah.  Abdul-Majid lived in Jeddah and learned there, where he discovered his talent in music and theater and was impressed by his capabilities. Abdul Majid Abdullah's professor accompanied him to the radio of Jeddah where he sang for the first time in his life.    At the age of 13, Abdel Majid met with the public for the first time, at the party of Union Club, Saudi Arabia; he sang successfully and raised the admiration of the audience.  Abdul Majid Abdullah met a number of poets and composers whom he dealt with in the beginning of his musical career; he recorded his first Arabic songs "Habayeb Wakt Ma Yibghou".    The composer Sami Ihsan directed the art life of Abdul Majeed Abdullah and presented him to the artistic scene in a respectable classy and high style.    Abdul Majeed Abdullah Traveled to Cairo, where he recorded 4 songs:Al Saber Mofta7 Al Faraj, Barek El Thagher, Esh 3leyna, and Shoftak wBa3younac 7ezen, but these Arabic songs were released in the album of the great artist Talal Maddah.   His second travel to Cairo was the true debut of fame of the Arabic singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah, through recording the song "Sayed Ahli" in 1984.  Abdul Majeed Abdullah's name was associated with music composition as well, in the album of Abu Beekr in the middle of the year 1996.    Top albums of the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah: Sayed Ahli, Sa3id El 7azz Albi, Waffer 3itabak Likalbak, Takhayyal, Safer bil salama,Ya tayyeb al kaleb,Ya ward min 3allamak tejra7,Inta El 3aziz, Itdla3 ya Kaidhom ...

and many other successful Arabic albums.  

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