Abdullah Ruwaished

Abdullah Ruwaished

 Abdullah Ruwaiched, the Kuwaiti artist, was born on 1961 in Kuwait. From a young age, he was passionate about singing; he was at the age of ten when he began singing in school concerts

  He liked playing the lute, and he was attached to it so much. His real artistic career began effectively through the band "Rouba3i Al Kuwait"; he was the drum player in the band. And after this experience, Abdallah Rowaished decided to try a new experience which is the individual singing.    Abdullah Rweiched released his first album "Ana Sahran" in 1980, and he continued to release Arabic albums and songs, the fact that increased his fame. Abdallah Rwaished gathered a significant number of Arabic songs under his name: Abi, Abeek, Ahebbak, Ahtarek A3ood, Ezkerni Bel Kher, E3zerni, Aghar, Alasamy, Albare7a, Aljamra, Al hobb el kabir, Ed7ak, Alghaya, Alfaraj,Jaye tgoul, Jourou7 el nas, Habibi el rou7, Fi maw3ed, law faradna, Lola El malama, Ya el 3omer, Ya zaman... and many other Arabic songs.    Abdallah Rweished filmed many of his Arabic songs as video clips to show up in voice and picture to all the fans.    Abdullah Ruweished performed in many concerts and festivals, he also won many awards and most recently was the best Arab singer for the year 1999.    The artist Abdallah Rouiched supports young artists; he provides them with music composition and gives them advice to reach the right fame and success.    

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