Abou Greisha

Abou Greisha

Abou Greisha, Egyptian singers, from the famous Greisha family of Nubian musicians. Fathi Abou Greisha was the lead singer in album "Salamat" Mambo El Soudani, he has great vocals that deserve special appreciation, and he manipulates his voice in perfection, Abou Greisha winds between the lines and lyrics to induce both melancholy and happiness in his voice. Salwa Abou Greisha has acquired her amazing voice from her father Fathi Abou Greisha. Her name has been linked to the legend Umm Kalthoum.  She has strong vocals that permit her to sing the classical song of Um Qulthum “W Daret El Ayam”.
Salwa Abou Greisha has released an album in 1995 entitled:"Nubika" containing 8 songs: Paprika, Samiri, Ala Kadari, Fanoosi, La Ya Habibi, Mnen, Nubika, Hanet El Ayam Alek. Ali Hassan Kuban, a pioneer of Nubian roots music had contributed in encouraging Salwa Abou Greisha

He successfully managed to promote young talents like the featured singer Salwa Abou Greisha who participated in bringing ancient Nubian wedding music to international concerts.
  In 2000, Salwa Abou Greisha has taken part in a project under the title of "Umm Kalthoum 7000", an album that has been produced to pay homage for the diva Umm Qulthoum. This album is released under the name of Mahmoud Fadl, a musical director who has blended a song with dramatic strings combined with rhythmic drumming until Abou Greisha’s voice breaks the great beat and carries on with her big voice during the remainder of the song. The song is performed accompanied by selected instrumentalists from the Cairo Opera. The album "Umm Kalthoum 7000" included 8 songs: We Daret El Ayam,  Hayart Albi Maak, Siret El Hobb,  Arouh Lemine Waoul Ya Min,  Enta Omri,  Aghadan Alkak, Part 1, Aghadan Alkak, Part 2, and  Beeid Annak.

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