Abou Leef

Abou Leef

 The Egyptian singer, Abou Leef, whose real name is Ahmad Nader, got his nickname "Abu Elleef" from his friends...  The emergence of Abu Leef in the artistic scene took him a lot of time, in twenty years he wasn’t able to appear to the public, but in 2010 it was the actual beginning. In his appearance, he refreshed the cassette world on the Egyptian market. 

Abou Leef sang one song during the past twenty-years titled "Ah, eh,aw" and participated in a play titled “Jandark”. Abu Leef studied singing at the Conservatory, but lost hope of success, until the Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki supported and encouraged him, and it was his start and the beginning which is not only good, but much more than successful. 

Abou Leef appeared to the audience in a look of a forest man

When his 2010 album was released on the market, the album was sold out in 24 hours- which is a revolution in the cassette market in Egypt.
Abou Leef album 2010 included many Arabic songs: "Taxi," "King Kong", "Thika Fi 7ad" ...and many other revolutionary Arabic songs. All of these songs dealt with social issues, and real problems in the society.

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