His real name is Wael Shehada; he is the famous singer "Adam". Adam, was born on December 12, 1987, in Lebanon

From a young age, Adam loved singing; he began singing with the vocalist Mustafa Jaafari at the age of nine and continued until he was 16 years old.  His actual musical career started after he met the composer and singer Nicholas Saadeh Nakhleh in a concert for the artist Subhi Tawfiq.    Nicola Saadeh Nakhla was impressed by Adam's voice and decided to become his manager, and so Adam's first album was released with his first collection of Arabic songs where he united his voice with the great songs of Umm Kulthum, Zekra, and Warda…through these songs Adam showed his powerful and wonderful voice.    At the age of 16, Adam released his first own song "Mesh ba2i gher ashwa2i" and has filmed it in a video clip. After two years, at the age of 18, he issued an album that raised him to stardom especially with his song "Kholes el dame3" which was the title of this album. Two other Arabic songs got much reputation "Haza Ana" and "Kifak Inta" which were a proof of Adam's great success.    And he has later issued an album titled "Helef El Amar", which included all the songs that he performed live at concerts.  Adam is one of the real successful and promising artists, he has won the Murex Award in 2005 as the Best and Promising Young Artist.

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