Aghapy TV

It is the ancient Egyptian Church Channel, and the first Egyptian Orthodox satellite, it is the Aghapy channel...

This channel is different from the others because it provides programs of traditions and heritage, rituals, belief, worship, and everything related to Orthodox Christianity. It holds feelings of the church with their positions and the direction of the affairs of the nation and the church, community and movement into and out of Egypt.

The channel and before the formal opening in November 14 on Telstar 12 Satellite, has started its pilot broadcast on the moon itself.
Its offices are located in California - the United States, and in Cairo - Egypt.

Aghapy channel broadcasts to all the Middle East, and also in European countries; and this goes to the hard work by the team work who is providing this to all countries in order to attract a large number of viewers.

As you will find this channel on the television, you can also find on and follow up on what you like from all of its programs.