Ahlam is a great singer of wide audience. Ahlam was born in Bahrain, the birthplace of her mother at the date of February 14, where she and her family lived in an affordable way

Ahlam's father Ali AlShamasi was a popular singer who shot to fame in his native country Dubai.
Ahlam completed her studies in the UAE and specifically in Dubai. She is married to a sportive man Mubarak AlHajiri and has one child.
Ahlam started her artistic career in 1995 with an album containing 6 songs:
Ahibbak mout, Albi eli, wish zakarak, w ma nsitak thawani, arjounk tinsani, and mouthir, she photographed from this album 5 video clips.
 And through this album Ahlam started on a new star artistic career in the Arab and Gulf countries, this helped her make very high sales, and she released her second album under the title "Maa Al Salama" which also included 6 songs: Maa Al Salama, aghla Insan, Nisitak, fodha sira, Hawa Gheri, Tadri lesh.
The last song in her album made Ahlam enter the world of fame in the Arab world.
The album which was even more successful than the previous albums is her third one. She released a song which was previously sang by her father, but she had developed and distributed it all over again.
Ahlam new album was "Tabi3i Tabi3i" and after that album comes "Wa Moukhtalaf 2000". And in 2001, Ahlam launched a "Li3ilmika" which despite the problems she encountered has been an overwhelming success.

After a year of the issuance of the album, and after her participation in many concerts and festivals, she was absent from the music field in preparation for her new album in association with Aalam Al Fan. And after a long year of preparation of the new album, it was released in the market.
Ahlam participated in many Arabic music festivals in the Arab countries, Gulf and in Egypt, and performed several concerts in Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, the West, Algeria ... Ahlam was a member of the jury of Arab Idol 2013 with Nancy Ajram, Ahlam, Ragheb Alama and Hassan El Shafei.
Ahlam was known by the Gulf songs, and has achieved many successes and she continues her hard work.

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