Ahmad Adawiya

Ahmad Adawiya

The folk singers in Egypt are of diversity, and among those we will highlight on Ahmed Adaweya, the Egyptian famous pop singer. Some see him as the guide, because he is considered one of the most popular, who sang the songs of the seventies

Some would see him as the most popular singer, others believed that he is the icon of bad singing. But in fact Adaweya Ahmed was one of the giants of Arabic music in his time, and people flattered his voice, and put him along with Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Farid Atrash and Abdel Halim Hafez, from the side of his enormous voice.

His great voice led him to even exchange songs between the Abdel-Halim and Ahmed Adaweya, and this exchange took place between the "Sh Aldh Embo" and "Khsara Khsara".

Mohammed Adaweya, the son of Ahmed Adaweya who also is in the field of singing, too, the son walking on the path of his father.
The songs of Ahmad Adaweya which were known are: Bent el Sultan, Sh Aldh Embo, koullou 3ala koullou, and Sabab w ana sabab and Rahou El Habayeb.

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