Ahmad Bou Khater

Ahmad Bou Khater

Ahmed Bou Khater was born in 1975, and grew up and lived in the Emirate Al Sharikah in the center of a prominent known family. He studied Management Information System and created a special group of companies from different areas, but headed by one person "Ahmed Bou Khater"

As in his musical life, Ahmed Bu Khater began singing in 1989, and issued several albums with great success in a short period of time, from these albums: Faraktak, Samt, Da3ini. And 2 albums: Intasaf AlLayl and Al Keds Tounadi which were in partnership with a group of vocalists.
In 2002 Ahmed Bou Khater participated in his first festival. In 2003 he participated in the competition of recitation of the Holy Quran at the Umm Al Quyoun, and in 2004 he participated in the festival,"Sallat Al Khayr al Kabir", which took place in the hall of universal city.
Ahmad Bou Khater participated in many concerts in various Arab countries: Dubai - Al Ain - Ras Al Khaimah - Abu Dhabi.
In other parts of the world Ahmed Bou Khater performed in many concerts in Britain and London, and more than 35 thousand spectators attended the events, and future concerts also include Kuwait, India, Yemen, Australia, Amman, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Canada and many other ...
Ahmed Bou Khater venture success continues in music, as well as in his business life.

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