Ahmad Monib

Ahmad Monib

 Ahmed Monib was born in Aswan on January 4th, 1926. Ahmad Muneeb was the first who played on the oud in Nubia, and he mixed the Nubian and Arabic songs

He has taken the Nubian song out of its rigid form, and developed it. 
Ahmad Muneeb is a singer and composer; he composed many of his own songs, as well as composed to other Arab singers. Mohammed Munib has in his music composition archive 85 pieces, of which he has sung 51 songs that are part of his seven albums:Mishta2een, Ya 3ashra, Kan w Kan, Blad el Dahab, Ra7 Oughani, 2esmeh w Naseeb, Hadouta Masriyya… 

Ahmed Muneeb wrote lyrics for Arabic singers, and stars from the Arab world. Ahmed Munib worked with: Hameed Al Shaeiri, Amr Diab, Ihab Tawfik, Mohammed Fouad, Hanan, Fouad Haddad…and many others. 

After a long history in the art world with his great works, in 1991, Ahmad Mounib passed away…but he is still present and everyone still remembers him through his successful songs. 

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