Al Hurra Channel

Among the many channels available on this ListenArabic, we offer you the chance to watch Al Hurra, which is distinguished from other channels since it is free and non-commercial channel.

Al Hurra is dedicated to provide news and information and coverage of events in the Middle East and the world, all in the Arabic language. This channel aims at expanding the horizons of audiences in order to help the composition of opinions based on completely correct information. It broadcasts also a variety of programs and events dealing with the topics of health and fitness, sports, fashion, science, technology and others that meet with the topics under the heading of the big title: Life.
Al Hurra channel does not aim for material profit, and is administered by the Middle East Broadcasting, which receives funding from the American Congress and across the Board of Trustees of the International Radio Stations. It is a federal agency that takes care of the protection of professionalism, independency and integrity of the protection of journalists and media workers and institutions.
It is true that it is one of a kind, and we could rarely find such a channel.