Alanwar TV

Al Anwar Channel is a call to tolerance, non-violence and acceptance of others.
Al Anwar Channel has seen the light in year 2004 to show all the viewers what they need to know about Islamic teachings and values. Al-Anwar formed a solid basis for the dialogue between others and under the supervision of thinkers well known in the history of Islam; some of them sacrificed for Islam and some others are still ongoing in the defense of the religion.

Al Anwar adopts a balanced discourse, moderate, calm, and which envisages the honesty and safety in such subjects.

Its aim is to provide authentic and true picture that may have been distorted to fill the various practices of the Islamic religion, and contribute to its development and the development of the Muslim community, and that is through the concern about youth and also by providing new types of programs: the helpful recreational programs.

Via three satellites: NILESAT, HOTBIRD, and the Galaxy, AlAnwar channel broadcast to the viewers free of charge.