Alforat TV

Alforat channel carried this name because of the River in Iraq called AlFurat; it is particularly addressed to the Iraqi people of all sects, ethnic groups, religions, doctrines, and addressed to the general Arab and Islamic people.

This channel is a monument to the sincere and committed media, which seeks to bring to reality as it is, in its purity without any change.

It presents programs with the religious affairs, cultural, social, and economic, they provide all the satisfaction of the public.
The designation of this channel on the name of a river is not a normal thing, but goes for many reasons. Some specific characteristics of the river is the rapid delivery of pure water and is related to the channel's characteristics of transparency, objectivity and the maximum speed the delivery of information with the utmost sweetness transfer events and religious events, to all who is thirsty for it. From here it has taken its status and name.