Algerie TV


The Algerian Television channel started in a very early time compared to other Arab TV channels. The Algerian Television channel has taken a prominent place in the Arab media since it operates in accordance with the special principles of information, works with a speed and with the accuracy of news, objectivity, impartiality and universality in all the subjects it undertakes.

The Algerian TV channel bases its work on humanitarian objectives, it is very clear in creating a culture of peace and free dialogue. It creates an atmosphere of communication between the Algerians and the various countries of the world.

The release and editing committee of this station consists of: Site inspectors, Editors working in the news, announcers through the gate and television stations,writers and other collaborators...

Fans of the Algerian channel can follow the news and interactive programs constantly. Do not hesitate to watch the Algerian TV channel through our ListenArabic.



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