Alhurria TV

With modest potentials AlHurriya channel has started in 2006, evolved and has become one of the most important stations after its adoption of the Iraqi issue and  the project of building the new Iraq.

Al Hurriya relied on telling the truth boldly within the full social responsibility to the Iraqi people.
Its only goal is the dissemination of a culture of tolerance and moral values by highlighting the search for the formation of a liberal speech, democratic, based on credibility, and even in politics.

"Audacity - the credibility - and tolerance" is the slogan of this channel and on this it builds all of the programs in the Arabic language; it broadcasts political programs, recreational, social, sporting, cultural, and economic.
This channel is put on air on a broad level, sprawling between the Arab world and the whole world. And through direct contacts Al Horriya channel is ranked second among the Iraqi channels.