Ali Al Hajar

Ali Al Hajar

 Ali El Hajjar was born in a familial and musical nature; his father is the artist and the composer Ibrahim El Hajjar. At a very young age, his father tought him the art of music and its rules

He used to listen to famous artists such as: Oum Koulthoum and Mouhamad Abd El Wahhab…
In 1977, when Baligh Hamdi was still alive, he discovered the Arabic singer Ali El Hajjar through the music of the song “Aala Ad Ma Habbayna”.
Aali as well, changed the beginnings and ends of the television sitcoms from silent pieces to short songs that tales the sitcom’s incidents and are still watched up till now.
In 1990, Aali released his first album “Lam El shamil” which was political and went along with the politics of the world back then. He presented, as well, the song “Lebnan” being influenced by the Israeli’s attack on Lebanon.
The superb voice of Aali helped him achieve the title of “The Golden Throat”; he won many prizes because of that voice and what its presentation of great songs. Some of Aali’s albums are: “Aali”, “Oozorini”, “El Ahlam”, “Fi Kalb El Layl”, “Zayy El Hawa”, “Lamm El Shaml”, “Lissah El Kalam”… and many more albums.
As for the sitcoms that he participated in by singing and performing: “Yasine Wa Bahiyya”, “Al Wakf”, “Risalah Khatira”, “Al Aouda”, “Bawwabat Al Halwani”… and others.
Finally the plays: “Layla Min Alfi Layla”, “Nouwar El Kheir”, “Awlad El Shawarii”, “Iiyal Toujanin”, “Allahomma Ijaalhou Khayr”, “Rasasah Fi El Kalb”…

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