Ali Deek

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Ali Deek

 Ali Deek is a famous Syrian singer, he is well-known for the Syrian popular folk songs. Ali Al Deek was born in a village and raised with simplicity and he loved dealing with people in a spontaneous way all his life.    Ali Al Deek began his artistic career in 1997 with his first song "Ana El Hasoudi", which proved him a star in the world of Arabic songs, all the Arabs, young and old repeated this song

His great success continued through the Arabic song “Alloush” for which he shot a video clip.    Ali Deek released many Arabic songs which reached almost 180 songs and from these songs: Jammoul, 3ataba belhawl, masa2eb el daher, abou shehada, Hasna, Khsara, Zaman El Kher, Elmaw3ed, Sawb el wadi, 3ataba, Ya 7amel el shenini ... And many other Arabic songs through which he got famous.    Ali Deek perfomed in many concerts and festivals, his fans are numerous, he simply sets the audience on fire when he sings.  

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