Aline Lahoud

Aline Lahoud

 She is an actress and a singer… She is the daughter of the late artist Salwa El Katrib and the producer Nahi Lahoud. Her uncle is Romeo Lahoud

Romeo Lahoud, one of the biggest contributors to the golden age of classical Lebanese songs and one of the founders of the Lebanese musical theater, who also wrote and composed most of Salwa Katrib's songs. Aline Lahoud grew in her hometown Amchit, Lebanon. Aline Lahoud was born on the 2nd of March, 1986.
Aline Lahoud majored as a director and graduated from the USJ in 2002, and she entered the world of art professionally. She is a fan of foreign songs; she released a French album “Quand tout s’enfuit” in . She has received many awards and participated in many international contests like the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, where she sang "Quand Tout S'enfuit" written by Romeo Lahoud and composed by Jad Rahbani. Aline Lahoud also participated in the Megahit Festival in Turkey. She was first introduced to the Lebanese ausience during the evening of Murex D'or where she shared the stage with her ​​mom Salwa Katrib in one of her hit titles," Khedni Ma3ak". 

Aline Lahoud was waiting for the production company that will adopt her and show her great voice to the world, until she signed her contract with the production company Yalla Fan. Aline Lahoud launched her first Arabic song, "Habouk Eiouny" and shot a video clip for her 2009 single. She then appeared in a very daring video clip Zakkerneh Bi Esmak . In 2011, Aline Lahoud joined Marwan Khoury in a duo titled "Ba3shak Rou7ak". She has a very strong connection and bond to her country Lebanon, and she wouldn't miss a chance to sing for good causes, like her song dedicated to the Lebanese army "Salam La Jaychna El 3azim" and her song "Inta" dedicated for the disabled and prodcued by Walk With Us Shield. 

In 2013, and on Mother's Day, Aline Lahoud released an Arabic song titled "Bakkir Traktini" (You left so early) dedicated for her late mother Salwa Katrib. Check the interview with Aline Lahoud and videos from the launching of Bakkir Traktini, brought by 

Aline Lahoud presenting Lebanon, participated in the third season of "The Voice : la Plus Belle Voix" in France broadcast on TF1 on January 2014. Knowing she is not an amateur, but possesses a great talent and known for her courageous and unstoppable seek of musical adventures. She has joined the team of Florent Pagny, the famous French musician and actor. 


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