Aljazeera Documentary Channel

Ten years after the launch, Al Jazeera has expanded its horizons, and it created a new channel within: Al-Jazeera Documentary (Al Wathaikiya).

Al Jazeera presents the story of man in general, and the reality of movement towards the Arab world. The movement of many cultures feed the viewer and the public with many of the documentary information on all levels (political, news, economic, and other ...)

This bridge will be the link between the world and the Middle East, all the spectators are part of it, the programs that are broadcasted are a variety of social and political, technical, technology, civilization, historical programs.

The Al-Jazeera Documentary is directed to the world and helps in the depth of awareness and dissemination of positivity and therefore it is very important to the existence of the educational documentaries and it enables the viewer to return to many of the old attitudes.