The Lebanese singer, Amar was born in Lebanon and lives with her mother and sister since the death of her father, from when she was fourteen years old. At the age of fifteen, Amar left school when she and her family were obliged to move to Beirut. She was forced to work at a small age as a sales woman in a clothes shop. This was her story when she first met with the press.

However, in her second meeting, the Lebanese artist confessed that her father was arrested when she was small, and her mother placed her in an orphanage and married another man

After left the orphanage, Amar worked in a sewing factory then in jewelry store.
Amar is characterized by her coquetry; at the age of nineteen-years-old she appeared to the press for the first time, refusing to liken her with Haifa Wehbe   Amar moved to Syria where she first started singing. From Amar songs: El 3ataba Kazaz, 2al Ya3ni, Naroh Bte7re2ni….

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