Amer Al Khuffash

Amer Al Khuffash

His real name is Amer Sameh Al Khuffash, he was born in Bahrain, but did not live there for a long time since the nature of his father's work had been imposed by constant movement.
Amer Al Khuffash moved between Bahrain, Jordan, Yugoslavia and other countries of the world

Amer Al Khuffash studied at the Iraqi school in Yugoslavia, and when he completed his guidelines he went to university to study art. Amer Al Khuffash studied at Yarmouk University in Jordan and graduated from there with a bachelor certificate in directing, acting, music and all of these areas that had been marked by Amer and therefore his recognition was very good.

Amer Al Khuffash began working while he was studying, in his early years of studies; he appeared on the Arab art scene as an overall artist.

Amer issued his first album in 1992, which was under the title of "Hela ya remana" and in 1996 he released his second album supported by a number of artists and was carrying the title "Mabrouk" and Amer Al Khuffash third album was in 2003, "Shefet el amar"

Other works than the releasing of his albums, Amer Al Khuffash made music videos of many of the large Arab soap operas, and 50 commercial advertisements in Jordan and the Arabian Gulf. And he also participated in musical plays.
Amer Al Khuffash performed in many festivals and music concerts in the Arab world.

Amer Al Khuffash video clips were shot for many of his songs: Hela ya remana, Tiji Haretna, Sheft Al Amar, Ahla Layali…

And away from music and singing, Amer Al Khuffash directed and acted in expressive dance productions, and many other projects ...
Amer Al Khuffash... A talented artist excels in the various intersections of art.

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