Amer Mounib

Amer Mounib

 He is the prince of romance, he is Amer Munib. The Egyptian singer Amer Mounib was born on September 2nd 1963 in Egypt

No doubt, Amer Muneeb grew up in a music world; he got his music passion and used to learn from his grandmother the late Mary Mounib. 
Amer Monib used to go to the theaters and watch how they work from behind the scenes. Amer Mounib studied business, and graduated with a testimony of being able to excel in the business area of work, but he stopped at a turning point, where he has to decide whether to work in trade or get in the direction of the art world. 

Amer Mounib chose to sing after many people have been impressed with his voice and encouraged him. He released his first album in 1989 on his own expense. The release of Arabic songs and albums gushed year after year, and Amer Monib rose as a big star in the Arab world. 

From Amer Munib songs: Feek haja, Wykoul, 3enek Alet, Awsef Eh, Kol Thania Ma3ak, Ayami Ma3ak, As3ad Yom, Ya Salam 3lek, Ra7 Fen El Gharam, Allah 3alek, Hallaftek, Amali w Mounaya, Lissa 3ayesh, Fakrook…and many other Arabic songs. 

The Egyptian artist Amer Mounib also participated in some Arabic movies, including: Se7er El 3ouyoun, Kimo w Antimo, Al Ghawwas, Kamel El Awsaf. 

Amer Munib performed in many concerts and festivals in the Arab world and the world, his fans loved him since he has always showed special in his concerts.

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