From an Egyptian musical family, Angham was born in 1971. Her uncle,Imad Abd Al-Halim and her father the musician  Mohammed Ali Suleiman

She got married twice and delivered her child Omar, but her marriage failed, so she got married a second time to the Kuwaiti artistic musician Fahed Mohammad Shibli in 2004 and this marriage took place after the working relationship and friendship that was between them for a while.
During this period, she launched a duet with her husband Fahad on Valentine's Day in 2005 and for the second time she became a mother for her son Abdul Rahman, unfortunately the marriage did not remain for more than three years.

In September 2007, Angham called to remove the distributor Fahd Shibli, her ex-husband from work. And the counsel acknowledged that it was prepared to waive Angham of all legitimate rights but for the return to her freedom. Her husband was called in to end the dispute amicably rather than to refer the case to the courts, but after almost a year the judge has decided that all attempts failed.

Angham  started her career in 1988 and mastered the music, Arabic music and the Gulf music, the two types. The artist chose two beautiful sound production company Rotana has identified the Arabic Albums and the company of Island's Arts for the Gulf Albums.

And the Albums she produced varied from year 1988 to 2007: Etefakna, Ella ana, Shey Dayea, Hanni bokra, Akder, Wahdaniya, Bahebek Wahashteney, Kill ma nikrab, and many others ....


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