Arwa, a Yemeni singer, was born in Kuwait and she was raised up among her 2 older brothers. In 1986, Arwa moved to Cairo where she continued her studies

She was remarkably intelligent and a very good student, her parents wanted her to enroll in the Engineering of Medicine majors and refused the idea of learning music. Arwa wanted to join a music academy in Cairo, but she was obliged to study engineering, and she kept singing and music as a hobby.  Arwa started her singing career and has successfully released more than 4 albums. Arwa prepared a video clip for her song "Hess Biyya" from her new album "Ghasb Aannak", after shooting a video for a song "Yawm Wahed", of the same album, with the director Tony Qahwaji in Beirut.    Arwa confirmed that the drama offered by the new songs will win the approbation of the Arab public, and that this kind of songs simulates the reality of the stories that always shake the emotional feelings.  

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