Reem Shaaban is the real name of the young Emirati artist Aryam. She likes this name and has chosen it as her name of art, although it has nothing to do with her real name

Aryam lives in the city of Al Ain. She adores the Khaliji songs, and masters singing this type of songs.
Aryam has entered the art world by accident in 1997 when accompanied by her sister Rania, which was ready to sing in the Shopping Festival of Dubai. She met the professor Simon Asmar and he proposed to her the idea of singing.
She was able to receive the admiration of many distinguished people through her amazing voice, and then many opportunities fronted her and she became famous among many other young faces.
Aryam masters the Gulf language, and it is one the basic things that made the public love her and helped her form a strong relationship with them.
The song entitled "Ya maazal" was Aryam's first song.
Her musical career was short, but despite the limited time Aryam had, she was able to create a strong position in the Arabic music field.

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