Asala Nasri

Asala Nasri

Asala Mostafa Nasri, Syrian singer, born on the 15th of May in Syria. She has also the Bahraini and Egyptian citizenship

She grew up in a family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She's the daughter of Mostapha Nasri, a composer and singer who believed strongly in his daughter's talent and special strong voice. He trained her to love music; when she was young and still a child, she was attached to the radio more than dolls.  He didn't let her sing romantic and love songs unless he was present. So in her early beginning, she sang religious and patriotic songs, and since her father was famous, she started by singing his songs and later on in school festivals she sang her own songs. She loved Oum Qulthoum and Fairuz. She met Fairuz when she was 12 years old in Doried Lahham's house. After her father's death, Asala learned to be responsible and strong for her family's sake. She is a quiet person and doesn’t like to talk much, somehow introverted, but when she has something to say, she says it firmly and her strong character shows well in her voice. She sings with a soft tough voice with all her feelings and affections.   Her musical career started in 1992 with the tarab (oriental operatic) style. She sings Syrian, Egyptian, Persian Gulf (Khaliji), Lebanese, and Moroccan Arabic dialects.  The personality of conservative nature of Asala was a coup loose in the show of the "New TV" Chako Mako. Asala has appeared in the show with her new husband Tarek Al Iryan calm as we have always known. The big shock occurred suddenly or when Tarek was leaving the show, a long kiss goodbye by Asala freshly married…  She won the Murex D'Or for best Female Arab Artist of 2006. She has more than 18 Albums and over 20 singles. The most famous songs of Asala : Ya Majnoun, Mabash ana, Tasawwar, Asfa, Aktar, Egrab Gerrib, La Tekhaf…and many others where she performed for big artists like Oum Qulthoum. The song that Asala likes the most is " Hat Albi w Rouh". She's of a special and unique character, dresses up depending on her mood, very loving mother and honest straightforward person. She hates the critics that are put in magazines, because she believes critics should be said to her personally not through magazines. Asala has performed magnificently for the Arab world and the Arabic song; she gave value through her strong voice, nice words and delicate rhythms.  Asala Nasri is a story of courage, talent, and perfectionism.  

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