Ashekman the Lebanese rap duo, started in the year 2001 in Beirut, Lebanon; composed of two identical twin brothers: Mohamed Kabbani (MIJRIM KALEIM) and Omar Kabbani (CARBONN) The name ASHEKMAN means in slang Lebanese the exhaust pipe of a vehicle, signifying the toxic lyrics used in the songs of the crew. Their rap songs are of Arabic/Lebanese dialect lyrics, described to have an aggressive/cynical tonality, and they discuss topics of: war, destruction, corruption, terrorist attacks, bombing, assassinations, social injustice & others…
Ashekman’s underground topics created some problems with censorship and led Ashekman to be censored in 5 concerts, however, their somgs created a street buzz, as the true voice of the society. They have played in more than 50 concerts in Lebanon and in Europe, interviewed by Arab and International TV station, and appeared in many magazines and newsapapers. Their first album “Nasher Ghassil”, after it being rejected twice because of some verses in 2 songs, was released in 2007. The album features Rayess Bek (From Aksser), Clotaire K, Sarine, Khat Ahmar, & Blumentopf (German rap crew), and is composed of 13 tracks, and executive produced by Toj Kil Shi prod

Ashekman 2nd album titled “Ashekmanphobia” released in 2011 composed of 9 Arabic Rap songs. In addition to their rap band, Ashekman has created a brand of urban wear and their own fashion line. With their graphic design background, which they acquired from their college degree, Ashekman mixed the Arabic graffiti, urban graphics and calligraphy, along with Lebanese proverbs and slang language all put on Ashekman T-shirts which are sold in their first store in Hamra – Beirut.

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