She is a Syrian singer,  the sister of the deceased legend Farid El Atrash; she is Asmahan. Asmahan was born on 25 November 1912 and her real name was Amal Al Atrash

She is of Syrian origin, but lived in Egypt. 
Although she was little, she used to sing at home and in school until one day, the composer Daoud Housni vistited her brother Farid at their house and he heard her singing in her room. He asked her to sing to him for he was completely charmed by her voice.
And that’s how after that, the composer adopted her voice, Asmahan started singing in parties with her brother Farid. In 1934, she got married and moved to the mountain, but she never stopped her work for she took parts in the cinema and many movies like : “Intisar Al Shabab”, “Gharam Wa Intikam”; she sang as well in the Opera “Majnoun Layla”.
Asmahann died on July 14th, 1944, but her name still shines until today.

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