Assi El Helani

Assi El Helani

The star of Arabic songs, the Lebanese singer Assi El Hellani was born in November 28, 1970 at Baalbek in Lebanon. Since his childhood, Assi Helani loved singing and hearing music, he used to sing Lebanese songs for his family and friends

Assi El Hellani began his musical career when he was at the age of 17 through a Lebanese program “Studio El Fann” a music and talent program. Assi Al Hellani learned music for 5 years in Lebanon and specialized in playing the lute “oud”.    Assi El-Hellani began his artistic career, and released numerous music albums, his Arabic songs were ones of the most successful songs in the Arabic world. Assi, loved by many people, rose to the world of fame. From the famous Assi El Hellani Songs and albums: Wani marek marret, Amshi la7ali, Malee saber, Ahibbak jiddan, Ahla el ouyoun, Shawk el sahar, Keed 3ezalak, Nour El sahar, Zgheere el dini, Dakkat kalbi, 2ouwetna bwe7detna, Yimken, Lebanani ...      Assi El Hellani participated in many concerts and festivals such as the Jerash Festival, and Carthage ... And lead many international concerts around the world.    Besides singing, Assi Helani also composed music for some Arabic singers, and just as he succeeded in singing, he also excelled in composing music. Assi El Hellani is a shining star in the world of stardom

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