Ayman Zbib

Ayman Zbib

 Ayman Zbib was born in Lebanon. From his childhood, the artist Ayman Zbib loved to listen to songs and repeating them, he was brought up on songs of Sultan El Tarab George Wassouf and the Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alama
Ayman Zbib participated in Studio El Fann, a Talent Program, which was screened on LBC in 2002; he graduated from it, and started his musical career.
Although he had a few songs in his songs archive, but the production company Rotana, welcomed him and earned him much success in the world of art among other Arabic stars. 

Ayman Zbib was known for singing Arabic folk songs and Arabic romantic songs that brought him to the Arab world as a great singer

From Ayman Zbib songs: Be7kilek, Te3mi 3youni, 3omry w 7ayati, Alouli Ansak, Nebka Sawa, Hala youmma, 3allam Jer7ak, Kell marra bez3al w bfell, Hana 3omry, Ya Habibi, Bahwak ... and many other Arabic songs 

Ayman Zbib shot many video clips of his songs, and participated in many concerts in the world and the Arab world.

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