Aziz Abdo

Aziz Abdo

Aziz Abdo was born in Beirut, Lebanon, from a Jordanian mother and Lebanese father. During the Lebanese war, Aziz Abdo lived with his family in Sweden

Aziz Abdo played football and became a professional player. The solid physical structure that Aziz Abdo gained from playing football gave him a body of a mannequin, and he became a model at the age of 16 years. 

After years, the artist Aziz Abdo came back to Lebanon with his family. Aziz Abdo met Nathalie Fadlallah, and a love story grew between them and they got married; but soon got divorced. In 2001, AbdouAziz won the title of "Mister LEBANON". All these activities and Aziz Abdo was still away from singing, but inside the world of fame. 

Gigi Lamara was the one who discovered the voice of Aziz Abdo, and in collaboration with Tony Saba, Aziz Abdo issued his first song "Jaw Jnoun". From Aziz Abdo songs: Meen fi 7ayati, Narek wel Gharam, Walla3t El Nar, Teghzol 3youni, Teb3od 3anni, Iyyami, Hayda Yawmi, Ana Moghram, Inti Tsharrafi…and many other Arabic songs.            

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