Carole Samaha

Carole Samaha

Carol Samaha was born 25 July 1972 and lived in Beyt Marah, far away from the stress and personal pressure. From her childhood, Carol has a fierce, aggressive, emotional, but a strong personality

At the age of 15 years, she enrolled with the Lebanese Red Cross and has always been dynamic and involved in running all the concerts of end of the school year.

At the age of 17 years, Carol Samaha imagined herself on the stage, and her passion for art and theater has grown with her. Her first CD was launched under the title "Habib Albi", and it had been the most famous song for her.
Carol Samaha has released many songs and CDs, Ana Horra, Ana min Dounak, Esmaani, Adwaa El Shohra, Inta Min, Habib El Rouh, Rajee, Zaalni, Ghariba, Kida Aala Toul, Mitl El Helm, Mashghoul Bali, Aali, and many others…
Carol has always been special in her singing and the type of songs she performs. And she is still going with this success accompanied with her warm and sincere voice.
She has participated with the Rahbani theater plays, she is excelled in all the roles. Carol Samaha sang national, emotional and humanitarian songs…she performs great in all areas. Some criticized Carol Samaha how she left the Rahbani and went on her own in a very new style, but she has proven that she can do it on her own, people love her new look.

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