Cheb Hosni

Cheb Hosni

Hosni Chakron, born on February 1, 1968 in Sadikiya Street from a poor family. His father was a metalworker, and as long as he lived, he had a dream to see the youngest of his sons be a doctor or a lawyer, but his dream was not the same dream as that of Hosni

Cheb Hosni was dreaming of becoming a soccer star, he exercised it, and retired from his dream to become the king of romance songs, the singer with the beautiful voice and great sense of sensation.

 He expanded his singing into professionalism to join the Choralian Band of Kadat Nawi, and sang in the wedding parties and evening gatherings, and he was known by singing traditional songs that almost the majority of Algerians memorized. These songs opened for him the doors of fame and stardom and began recording the tapes in which he had multiple songs about love. The first album was released in the year 1987, but achieved real fame in the early nineties with the emotional rai songs. His albums reached more than 100 albums released.

The young Cheb Hosni has made a shift in the Rai music, and was the only one who mastered this technique when he traveled to many cities in the world.
He has achieved a record-breaking in the production of albums in a period of 6 years, where he released almost seventy songs every year. And he dedicated a song for the youth of his country, which everyone loved and adored.
Through his travels and flights to Europe and America, he helped the Rai music reach everywhere. He was kidnapped from singing and life in September 29, 1994 when he was assassinated in front of his residence in Bohran. His funeral was a large funeral in the world of artists, all his fans were out saying a forever goodbye.

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