Cheb Khaled

Cheb Khaled

Cheb Khaled's real name is Khalid El Hajjaj Ibrahim, the singer was born on 29 \ 2 \ 1960 in the street AlKamin, the city of Wahran in Algeria; he was born in a very poor family. Who could have imagined the young man with his brothers loitering on the border between the city and Morocco, Khaled was a vagrant child, yet also interesting, though he failed in his study, but had a positive talent, from his talents is the harmonica

He has  seen this instrument in a party with his father's friends, and here began his trip with the harmonica and he started playing music.

It is true that Cheb Khaled didn't use his intelligence in his studies and no doubt he had excelled in the manufacturing of wooden Guitar, but later he began singing at weddings for 20$ dollars, and for him it was a better way to earn money.

After a while, he started his first band at the age of ten, and in 1974 he recorded the first CD and has received just five dollars out of it. Cheb Khaled, plays not only the harmonica, but also plays on a Banjo with the Moroccan songs.

After the occurrence of the problem of the Sahara between Algeria and Morocco, the Moroccan Government banned the act of providing songs. Cheb Khaled, moved to another type of songs, the Rai.

Nothing stood in the face of this artist, when he was prevented from singing on television, he went to the streets and was heard by the migrants to France when they return for holidays in their country, and from these people, he gained a lot of profit, lots of money. But now he is spending money on alcohol, got addicted to it, and then became guided by God.

Cheb Khaled was known in two songs, we still sing them always, like: Di Di Wa ...and Abdul Qadir. Cheb Khaled became famous after highly distributing his songs in the world after his trip to France and started singing there.
Of his biggest hits is his song " C'est la Vie " baring the same title as his album 2012 - C'est la Vie

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