Cheb Mami

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Cheb Mami

   Cheb Mami was born in Algeria on July 11, 1966. In 1988, Cheb Mami’s singing talent showed during a singing competition and after that, he started to record his own songs. 

Cheb Mami recorded many songs and albums, he is a very-well known Rai singer

Some of Cheb Mami songs: As7abi, Ana w 3alash, Elli binna ntaha, Mon Pays, Bent El Bare7, yibda, Biladu AlJaza2er, Tigi Tigi, Khatira Nkoul, Parisien, Reem El 3ashek, Desert, Sabran, 3ala shay2, Albi Albi…and many other songs. 

As Cheb Mami was known with the Arabic songs, he also excelled in singing French, and characterized by his special performance. 

Cheb Mami is the most famous Rai singer who has released many duet songs; he sang with international singers. Besides singing, Cheb Mami experienced acting in the movie 100% Arabica, in 1997. 

Cheb Mami had a good reputation all over the world.

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