Cheba Zina

Cheba Zina

 The singer Hind Alhanouni was born in 1977 in Casablanca, in a Moroccan family. Hind has chosen her artistic name as "Dawoodiya" but she is more known under the name of "Cheba Zina".   The young singer appeared to the audience started singing at the age of 9 years

She sang Rai and also sang popular folk song of Morocco.  An impressed top singer has offered her to record her first Rai album. As a young woman in the field of music, Cheba Zina was very successful and capable of maintain a good voice, the factor that made her desired and loved in the Moroccan society.    And to show herself in equality with men, the young artist learned to play Alkamenja. Cheba Zeena used to play music and sing at the concerts held in many countries of the world (France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany, Belgium ...)    Cheba Zina drove many artists to a state of astonishment, and she participated with them in the singing at concerts. Cheba Zina has been known by many songs: "Majnouna", "Rah El Layl w ra7", "ekhwani", "La ya amal" and many other songs ...    Chaba Zina amazed the Moroccan people by her beautiful voice, and through playing music, the lyrics she sang, and was marked by singing Rai and folk Moroccan songs. In no time, she became very famous.   

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