The Lebanese singer Dania Khatib was born in February 13th. She loved music and fashion from an early age

Dania had the hobby of singing, she used to sing in her room and record her favorite songs.   Dania began her artistic career as a TV presenter and became well-known in Lebanon, and she has also graduated from the University of Fine Arts. Dania worked in TV programs like channel V and then moved to join the Abu Dhabi TV in an entertainment program called "Zoom".    In 1996 she released her first hit song "Yalla Bina", and in 1997 Dania launched her first album with the entitled "Dania". She shot a video clip for her song "Yalla bena"and gained big successes through it.  In 1999, Dania launched the second album under the title "Daniel II" and the album included the song "Lili", "Ya dala3" a new Remix version, and the song "Private Number" that had been a duo with the "British Bay Band 911"    Between Dubai and Beirut, and in 2001 the Lebanese singer Dania was working on her third album which included a folk song "El Helwa Di", "Mishta2 La 3younak".  In 2005, Dania collected many songs in one album, this collection was released in one CD under the title "The best of Dania".  All of these songs we hear every day are for the singer with the beautiful voice "Dania".  

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