Douzi, Moroccan singer, was born in Koulouche, Morocco from an Algerian mother and a Moroccan father. He grew in family with his six sisters and brothers

At the age of 3 years, Douzi used to sing and hum songs with his strong and very sharp voice. His mother wanted him above all to study and learn music.     At 5 years, he performed his first song written by his brother Abdelkader, entitled "La lilharb" (No to war) in the TV of Rabat.  In 1991, Cheb Douzi was remarked as musically talented by his teachers in school.  In March 1993, he participated in the "Youth Day" celebrations organized by the radio station of Oujda (Morocco), in collaboration with the Alliance Franco-Marocaine "Ibn Khaldun" and there he received his first degree of merit for his immense talent.    In February 1994, he recorded his first album "Goulou Imumti tjini" (Tell mommy to come back), his work has been very successful especially among mothers.    Cheb Dozy lives in Belgium with his family, and with a dozen albums to his credit. Douzi is known as the youngest Moroccan Rai singer, he sings raï in French, Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish and Hindi. His track record speaks for itself and continues to grow.  Cheb Douzi has signed a advertisements contracts with firms like COCA-COLA and MAGGIE for several Arab channels.  He also participated in the humanitarian, charity concerts to help orphans and disabled children.  

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