Ehab Tawfiq

Ehab Tawfiq

Ehab Tawfik, Egyptian Singer, born on the 7th of January 1966. He rose in a family who supported his talent

They were good parents who didn’t exert any pressure on their son to follow a normal career, at the contrary they stood next to him and all along in his musical career. He learned to play the Oud at the age of nine. He had a growing talent from his first beginnings. He studied and took a doctorate in "The Modes of Arab Singing Techniques in Egypt during the Second Half of the 20th Century".
Ihab Toufic launched his first single 'Dany' in 1989 and first album "Ekminny" in 1990. He has 9 albums: Ahla minhom, Asmak Eh, Gat Bezrofha, Habib l alb, Hobah Alemny, Homa kelmeten, Ila rasoul l allah, Leeh l Khisam, Sa7arny. His best well-known songs: Tetraga Fiya, Addak, Ameel amla, Huma kilmiten. His latest video clip was done with 40 models from all around the world, and along with Miss Ukrain. 
Ehab Toufik is "The Prince of Hearts". With his sweet voice and poems about love and relationships captivates the hearts of all his fans. The arrangement of music composition is enriched in the contemporary Arabic style. He shows the preserved cultural identity to the whole world. His charismatic personality helped him achieve great accomplishments. He participated in worldwide festivals, in the Arab world, in Australia, USA & Europe.
He has been recognized internationally, from UNESCO, for having employed his art to raise public awareness to human suffering in the Middle East and everywhere. He had donated money to the children in Iraq. He was granted an honored position from the Tunisian president.
The success of Ehab Tawfik goes back to his warm voice, and great lyrics. Many people turn to him as being their idol, and he continues to surprise his fans with his achievements.

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