Elias Rahbani

Elias Rahbani

 Elias Rahbani, the Lebanese artsist, was born in Antelias in 1938. The musician Elias Rahbani was born in a musical family and lived in the era of Feyrouz between his brothers Assi and Mansour (The Rahbani brothers), and was influenced by the great music and loved it. 
Elias Rahbani learned music in the Lebanese Academy and National Institute of Music, has also received private lessons from French professors.

Elias Rahbani worked in Radio Lebnan from 1962 until 1972, he also worked as a music producer in a CD producing company

He is a composer, distributor and orchestra conductor. Elias Rahbani composed more than 1300 songs and music. He also created about 25 soundtracks for 25 Arabic movies, 10 pieces of classical piano, music for Arabic TV series, about 3000 pieces of music and songs for the cinema, advertising, TV, radio, and other works of art ... 

Elias Rahbani won numerous awards, which culminated in his works of art, as well as many of the certificates, in addition to a doctorate. 

In addition to all his musical history, Elias Rahbani is a member of the judging panel of the TV talent show Super Star broadcasted on Future TV.  

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