leih tfare2 w yeb3edha w yenssani w rouhi ma3ah

fatit layali sborti fiha w khati eih min ba3di haway


English Translation

Why do i hear his words

Why do i dream and get drawn to him

Suddenly passion turns into the mere words he filled me with

And who knows?

Maybe he's met some one new

Who knows what love can hide?

Why, do i let my heart be tortured,

Melting from longing for him?

The beautiful days we spent together meant nothing for him

How can he forget

Forget all that was between us,

While all i do is think of him?

I wait for u, my love,

And wish to live my whole life by ur side

I do not know how long love will keep your passions buring

I never forgot all that was between us,

And lost our love so easily.

Oh, so many nights went by, i waited patiently

And all i recieve in return was this separation that filled me

He went away and the pain of his parting is too immerse

What does life mean without you

And how can i go on living it?

If it was just a question i would ask 100 why's a day

Years went by and i still miss him and miss his eyes

We are apart and he leaves and forgets about me

But my soul is still with him

Nights went by while i waited patiently for your love

And what did i get in return?