Fares Karam

Fares Karam

Fares Karam, a Lebanese singer, was born in the village of Jezzine in southern Lebanon. From his childhood, Fares Karam loved singing and the world of art.    Fares Karam’s first beginning in art was through the talent program Studio El Fann for the year 1996 - 1997, where won the gold medal for the category of Lebanese Traditional song.  He sang Dabkeh songs in a wonderful way and he was distinguished for his way bold style

After Fares Karam moved from the village to the city, he was adopted by the artist Simon Asmar.    Fares Karam released many Arabic songs that led to his arrival to the world of fame and of these songs: El fostan el benne, shefta, men wen, laban el 3asfour, jare7 albi, jamalik, dakhilo, bayni w baynek, aktar men rouhi, meen bya3ref, w3adni, eltannoura, emm wladi, el gherbi, yo2borni, neswanjeh, 3ayni b3ayna, khityar 3al 3ikkazi, el2akhras and many other Arabic Lebanese songs.    Fares Karam performed in many concerts in all Arab countries, and in some foreign countries such as America and Europe.    Fares Karam reached the summit of fame and stardom through the audience and fans who loved his style and songs.  

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