Farid El Atrash

Farid El Atrash

 The great Syrian artist, and musician Farid El Atrash was born on October 19, 1910, in Syria, but has lived in Cairo. His father was married three times, one of his three wives was a Princess with a great voice Alia Hussein, Faried El Atrash's mother.   Despite the economic problems encountered in the family, the mother insisted that Farid El Atrash completes his studies, and has been admitted to the Institute of Music after he succeeded the test of playing music

And to support his family, he sold fabrics and worked in selling ads.  He has found a band and group of singers who encouraged him and persuaded him to sing alone.  His economic conditions were deteriorating more and more until he was forced to work in Shitel station. And, unfortunately, was expelled from the Music Institute, because he missed an exam since he was sick.    After the assistance and help of Medhat Assem, Farid El Atrash recorded his first Arabic song "Ya raytni Tayr liatir hawalayki". And thus Farid El Atrash started singing in the radio station twice a week.    Farid Atrash retained good relations with the music players and they provided him with new and strange rhythms, and recorded his second song, "Ya b7ib,min gher amal" Farid El Atrash knew that the link between him and his audience is the microphone.    Farid Atrash participated in many Arabic movies, a total of 31 films. And of the most famous films in which Fared El Atrash took part in was: Habib El Omer, 3ahed el Hawa, Hikayet El Omer, Wada3et Hobbak, and other Arabic films through which he shined as the great musician (Mousikar) Fareed El Atrash.    Farid El Atrash composed many Arabic songs for known artists like: Ismail Yassin, and Warda Al Jazaeriya, Tahiyat Carioca, Nadia Gamal, Maha Sabri, Sabah, Shadia, whom he was desperately in love with her, but that love ended when she got married with another man, Issam Raji, Wadih El Safi and many other artists.    Farid Atrash got seriously ill and the doctors asked him to rest, unfortunately he suffered from a heart attack that forced to move him to Hayek Hospital in Beirut, where he died in 1975. Farid El Atrash rested in peace at the age of 65 years.  

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