The Arabic artist Foulla Al Jazairiyya was born in Algeira and she’s the the number one singer of Algeria. She plays on instruments, composes music and sings; she began singing when she was six years old

Her strict father prevented her from singing and getting out of the house; he prevented her sisters from entering the musical institution, but he tought them how to play on different instruments such as: the Lute, the violin and the paino...
Foulla got married although she wasn’t more than sixteen back then, but this marriage didn’t work out. So she moved to Egypt, entered the world of art and composed and sang many anthems.
Afterwards, she moved to Lebanon where she really became a star; she signed a contract with the biggest production company in the Arabic world, “Rotana”.
Foulla started releasing albums successfully, some of them are: “Tashakourat”, “Sahrit Tarab”, “Badr 14”, “Ahl El Maghna”, “Lamma Ra’aytou” and other works…

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