Georges Wassouf

Georges Wassouf

George Wassouf is a Syrian singer, born on December 23, 1961 in Kafroun, Homs, Syria. He moved with his family to Beirut at a young age, where he was granted Lebanese citizenship, and was called the miraculous child at that time, for his artistic talent in singing.
George Wassouf started singing at a very young age in his hometown Kafroun on many occasions.After that he moved to Lebanon where he began his music career and there his popularity increased

It was at the age of 16 when he became known as "Sultan El-Tarab" ; (King of Tarab) as the famous actor Omar Sharif used to call him.
He had a very sharp and high- pitched voice when he was young.Of the well-known songs that brought him to fame, we mention "Hawa Sultan", "Rohi Ya Nesmah", "Helef El Amar", and "Law Naweit".
When he 12 years old, his first manager and producer was "George Al-Khouri" - he met  him when he was singing at a wedding party. George Wassouf got married at the age of 21 to Shalimar; they have three children: Wadee', Hatem, and George Jr. The oldest  is Wadee', which is why he is known as Abu Wadee' (meaning: father of Wadee).
George Wassouf has produced more than 30 albums and has performed concerts all around the world. He appeared in "Studio El Fan" 1980 when he was only 16 years old, surprisingly he was called at this time "Sultan of Tarab". The Song "Hilef il Amar" made a massive hit in the Arab world, although Wassouf was quite young at that time. However Wassouf was able to rise to the rank of "king" of Arab Tarab. Wassouf is one of the few singers that were able to attract millions of fans in a short period of time. In addition, Wassouf is not only famous in the Arab World but is also known in Europe and the States as one of the best Arabian singers.
His video clips are very rare because he doesn't like to shoot his songs into video clips although he had some successful hits in the early 1990s.  He admits that he has difficulties to act in video clips, he prefers showing live on stage.

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