Ghadi was born on the 24th of September in Lebanon. Ghadi started singing since his childhood and received lessons in the Conservatory, but he joined the Civil Defense and didn’t professionally sing at that moment...   
It wasn’t too long until Ghadi discovered that his dream career is to sing and not what he was doing. First, Ghadi sang in many restaurants and cafes, the audience loved him and this encouraged him to open his own restaurant

He has always been singing at Medusa in Maameltein-Lebanon. He released in 2004 his first song “Dakhilak 3oud” with its video clip, and later filmed a video clip for “Beki Dam”.
After three months, "La3eeb" was the song that he launched as a single Arabic song. All these songs were all joined in one album, titled "Bashe2 Majrou7"

Ghadi revived many concerts in Lebanon, Syria and Dubai, and various Arab countries; he also had a successful experience in acting in some Lebanese TV series.

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