Ghassan Rahbani

Ghassan Rahbani

 A singer, writer, composer, pianist ... he is Ghassan Rahbani.  Ghassan Rahbani was born on the 13th of May 1964, in Antelias

Ghassan Rahbani was born and raised in a musical family.    Ghassan Rahbani started playing the piano at the age of six, under the supervision of his teacher Agob Orsalian, and at the age of 11, he participated with his brother in the performance of children's songs, "Tole3 l daw 3al Wawi", "Kelon 3andon siyarat", "3ammi bou Massoud” and other Arabic children songs ...    The first 10 years of Ghassan Rahbani’s musical life was writing and composing rock songs, which was carried to the Middle East and Lebanon. At the age of 15 Ghassan Rahbani released his first album in the English language. At the age of 17, he formed a band named "Wild Haze" in 1981. And after their release of the first album and after they played on many theaters, in 1984, each members of the band went his own way.    However, in the same year, Ghassan Rahbani created “Ghassan Rahbani Group” (GRG),in the first major event "Dog River Rock Concert" in 1985, and then in 1986 the band brought up a concert at Casino Du Liban.  This followed many activities in many other festivals like the Carthage festival, and festival Al Madina, and they played for a period of 12 months in Lebanon.    “4 cats” was his last innovations in late 1997.    Ghassan Rahbani released many songs with his band: Eljumhour 3ayez kida, Without Your Love, Sent el alfayn, El Bayda w Tekchira (an album that included 15 Lebanese songs), El hurriye bi 2eed el khaweja bterja3, Album "Kermal El 3am bimouto", "www.redpeace.braindamage" , Come Back to Me, ....    Ghassan Rahbani made a play "Kama 3ala el ared, kazalika men fawk", which was presented at the Casino du Liban. This work from writing and under the supervision and the implementation of Ghassan Rahbani himself with the help of 70 actors and dancers.    Ghassan Rahbani appeared on the TV screen in a special program OTV, "Ghanni ma3 Ghassan" that has achieved great success.    And away from art and closer to the Lebanese politics, Ghassan Rahbani presented his candidacy for the parliamentary Elections in 2009, he supported General Michel Aoun.    He is one of the geniuses of the Rahbani family, he is one of the great artists; he was and is still working for the love of Music.    

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