Haitham Shaker

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Haitham Shaker

Haitham Yahya Zaki Shaker is the singer with the warm voice, he's Haytham Shaker. Haytham Shaker was born in the city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 15th of July

Haytham's mother and sisters had a significant impact in his life; they were always beside him and constantly encouraging him. Haytham Shaker began his artistic career through the Institute of Music and the music concerts he participated in. Haytham Shaker first appeared to the public in Collection Music Now, and was able to acquire a good reputation from the public and rose to stardom proudly on his own.

Some of Haitham Shaker's songs: Amy Hemlik alaya, Eh Fakkarak Biyya, Ahou aalek, Ayami Maak, Bahibak, teebt Kitir, Jareh El Nass, Jouwa hodnak, Khalli Balak, Domni Baaounak, Kan Lazem and many others in which Haitham Shaker rose to become a famous star.

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