Hamada Helal

Hamada Helal

Hamada Hilal, real name: Mohamed Abd Elfatah Helal, born on the 20th of March in Sharkeya Egypt. He has one brother Medhat whom he's close to so much, and 2 sisters Hend and Nora

He studied Tourism And Hotels Institute.  He's much attached to his mother though she used to get angry at him when he sings and records his voice on her own tapes.  He believes that friendship is an essential element in a person's life, his bestfriends are his brother, Mohammed Nagaty(the actor), Mostafa Kamel(the composer). Hamada Hilal started singing at the age of 5 when his mother used to get annoyed from his voice. He sang for Abd Elhalim, Mohamed Abdo and of course Oum Qulthoum. He had a talent but was still so weak. He practiced singing in school along with a friend who played the drums and a girl who danced. Until one day, one of his relatives heard him singing and introduced him to a musician who taught him the bases of music at the age of 7. He encouraged him and gave him a chance to sing in a wedding ceremony. That was his first time he steps on the stage. He had a great fear inside of him because of the objections that he's little kid on stage. But after he started singing, all people liked him and started pushing him for they knew he had a good voice and deserved to be encouraged. Then one of his friends introduced to him to the famous composer Hassan Esh Esh who in return introduced him to Hamid Elshaerry who signed a contract with Hamada in High Quality Company.
His first appearance was in participation with 2 songs in an album of High Quality. And his musical career began. His love to music drove him to the road of success with 4 albums titled: Il Ayam, Dar Al Zaman, Bakhaf,Doumou', Elsobooa, and  Waheshni. One of his famous songs that was repeated in all the Arab world is "Dayman Doumou".
In March 2003, Hamada Hilal sang a duet "Masr Al Hobb" with famous Lebanese-Colombian singer Shakira Mebarak. He traveled to London to record the song. He sang in the English and Tunisian accent, while Shakira sang in the Lebanese and Egyptian accent.  
Hamada Hilal's talent was not limited just to singing, but to acting as well in musical movies. Himada Hilal has done a video clip with small cute kids; he sang with them a song "El Far El sonda" for his movie "El Hobb Kida". He played the character "Seif", a young man who cannot tolerate kids at all. Life throws in his way two young kids, putting him in a lot of trouble and hilarious situations.

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