Hani Mitwasi

Hani Mitwasi

Hani Mitwasi was born in Kuwait in 1983. He lives in Amman, Jordan with his family

His childhood marked his growing talent. He has learned playing the guitar at the age of 12 and has discovered his vocal talents during gatherings of family and friends where he played the guitar and started singing at the age 14. Hani Mitwasi adores the Spanish music and flamenco, in addition to the Arabic music that he keeps on exploring it day after day.
The first time he stood in front of audience and sang was in an event in school, he was encouraged by the people listening to him, and this pushed him to get more involved in the musical career. Hani Mitwassi got his BA in music science and therapy in 2001 from the university of Jordan Academy of Music. He was studying music and at the same he was working as a singer and guitar player in hotels. His passion to playing the guitar drove him to teach guitar lessons.
Hani Mitwassi band is composed of 6 members : Laith Suleiman (Nai), Maán Baidoun (Bass Guitar), Avo Demerjian (Bouzouki), Abd Dukhan (Violin) ,Maán Hijazeen (Drums), Zaid Hmaid (Percussions).
Hani Mitwasi has released his first album in 2006 "Khamrat el Hobb" containing 6 songs, and in 2007 he released his second album "Barme el Salam". He has 7 singles and has become famous for his latest song "Jayi Aala Bali". 

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